November 2016

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New HSC building under construction

Thanks to you, our wonderful HUGGS donors, we have successfully matched the $10,000 provided by an anonymous friend, bringing the campaign total to $20,000.

In her own words, the donor explained why she initiated the campaign: 

“I was fortunate to get an education, and to be in a position now to help others.  I am always there to help students to stand up and support themselves.  We are lucky to have HUGGS which helps educate the less fortunate young people in Vizag.”   

The money raised by this campaign will be used to enhance the students’ lives and education by providing excellence in every...

Madhu with Students

You can help more students realize their dreams! Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you to our amazing donors - your generous support positively changes young lives!

HUGGS Charitable Registration Number: 87497 9305 RR0001


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