February 2017

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Students in Classroom

February 5 to 11 The 27th annual International Development Week celebrates Canadian contributions to poverty reduction in the developing world.   An essential part of poverty reduction is the provision of education.   HUGGS Canada is proud to be a part of this uniquely Canadian tradition through providing education to young people in India.

HUGGS Students

What actually is the value of the Centre?   We asked the students, and want to share some of their responses with you.  

“The Study Centre is a safe community where we can share our feelings.”

“The HSC is like a temple of learning.”

“HUGGS provides education to build our futures.

We welcome 2017 with gratitude and in anticipation of empowering the lives of more young people in India.

Thanks again, HUGGS supporters!


The mission of HUGGS Canada is to provide underprivileged students in India with the opportunity to further their education, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their families and communities.


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