October 2017

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Fall 2017 Newsletter


Empowering Youth Through Education

New Director! 

HUGGS is delighted to welcome Helen Klien back on the Board for a one year term.


Board trip to Vizag 

October sees Board Directors Marilyn and Helen spending 10 days at HUGGS Vizag. 

They will visit the homes of the ten new HUGGS students, where they will be welcomed with warm smiles, beautiful art designs on the floors (rangoli), and delicious snacks (kitchen is in a corner of the room).

The HUGGS Alumni Gathering will be another highlight.  Over a tasty buffet, HUGGS Graduates will come together to see old friends and update the HUGGS visitors on their personal and professional lives. 

The formal opening of the new HUGGS Study Centre will take place at this time, where the tangible results of last year’s Matching Gift Campaign will be on display: desks and tables, fridge and fans, air conditioners and computers!  

Soon you will receive information on this year’s Fall Campaign.

Look for Helen’s postings about their visits mid October through Our Website  FaceBook Twitter

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HUGGS New Students


One wins prizes in writing and debating, another sings in a choir.  Some play cricket, others play hockey and kabaddi.  Some have sick parents, several have both parents working, others have absent fathers. All have done well in their Class 10 final exams and met HUGGS’ academic requirements.  Most of them are the very first high school graduates in their families.  All want to earn diplomas and degrees, so that they can qualify for secure jobs and worthwhile careers – as teachers, technicians, nurses, bank officers, police officers: their ambitions reflect the possibilities wide open before them.  Welcome, HUGGS 2017 freshers!


Graduates 2017 

Their confident smiles say it all – here are three bright young adults, ready to take on the world. Leelarani, Ananth and Vanaja graduated from college this summer.  Over five years as HUGGS’ students, these three have gone from the timid teenagers they were when they started Intermediate college, to degree graduates who speak fluent English and are all set to step into the work world.  Their affection for HUGGS comes through in action – they are currently serving as part-time tutors at the HUGGS Study Centre.  Congratulations, and thank you for being who you are!




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HUGGS Students

All current HUGGS students heading to VUDU Park.

HUGGS Canada Board members Marilyn Gullison and Helen Kline have had a busy time with the program in Vizag, India. Now they are on their way back to Vancouver. Here’s Helen’s final post.  

HELEN’S BLOG October 24, 2017


Hard to believe the time has flown by so fast, as Marilyn and I wrapped up our visit with a Saturday night excursion to VUDA Park with all 41 current students, and a Sunday night dinner for all the alumni who could join us at the HSC.

The evening out at VUDA Park gave students a chance to relax and enjoy...

Madhu with Students

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