International Development Week 2019

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HUGGS Students

HUGGS and IDW 2019

This year’s theme for International Development Week is “Together for Gender Equality.”  HUGGS personifies this theme perfectly – because the initial intent of HUGGS was to enable underprivileged women to study and achieve their career goals, thus providing the means for women to be equal with men.  HUGGS’ very first student, Viveka, graduated Nursing school and today she is a senior nurse at a major hospital in Visakhapatnam, India.  Subsequently, HUGGS has provided education for women, enabling them to pursue careers as Nurses, Computer Professionals, Engineering Technicians, Administrators, Accountants, Police Officers and Teachers.  In pursuit of gender equality, HUGGS includes young men among its students, who have also benefitted by going on to successful careers as computer professionals, engineering technicians, and other areas of expertise.

For more information, look up the government site 

HUGGS Students

The mission of HUGGS Canada is to provide underprivileged students in India with the opportunity to further their education, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their families and communities.


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