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HUGGS Students Writing for IWD

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HUGGS Students Writing for IWD

HUGGS joins the world in celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8.  HUGG students appreciate the role of women in their lives.  Here’s how some of our boys describe women:

Every aspect of world is initiated by women.


HUGGS organization was started by Lisa Madam, Thank you Madam.

Happy Women’s Day.

“Women” –

She cares you as a mother

She fights with you as a sister

She encourages you as a teacher

She motivates you as a friend

She gives birth to your children

She sacrifices everything for you

She left her self-respect

So, Respect women, it means a lot to her.

… Especially we should respect our mothers, because she sacrifices her life for us.

…  They only have the patience.  Women faces so many problems but she doesn’t express out.  … Woman is one of which he can bear any kind of pain. 

… today women leaders are also roling (have roles) our society.

…  There is no men without women.  Remember it.  Even God must be borns from mother’s womb.

… Women is the greater weapon in the world. … I am very happy to write about women.  Because my mother is also a women.

… Womens can achieve anything and equally with men in any field. … Now I am standing here because of my mother.  …  WOMEN IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON IN THE WORLD.

Explore the following links to read about International Women’s Day 2019:









Explore the following links to read about International Women’s Day 2019:





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