HUGGS' Students

HUGGS Canada continues to provide education to promising young people.

HUGGS students are from underprivileged backgrounds and many are first generation learners. They have successfully completed Grade 10, the final grade of free education provided by the Indian government.  While they lack financial resources, all have a keen desire to study beyond high school to achieve their goals of contributing to family and community.

HUGGS provides up to six years sponsorship support allowing students to access a range of educational options including:

1. Junior College Option:

Most HUGGS students enter Junior College (Two years equivalent to Canadian Grades 11 and 12). Some are able to enter their chosen career after completing Junior College and a small number have successfully received government scholarships as a result of their outstanding academic performance in Junior College.

2. Degree Option:

After Junior College (Two years equivalent to Canadian Grades 11 and 12) most HUGGS students pursue a degree (Three or Four years).

3. Diploma Option:

Polytechnic College (Three year Diploma) with entry directly from Grade 10 and one year career related program post Diploma.

4. Final Year:

A sixth year of HUGGS support is available to students who wish to focus on career studies.  The popular choices include B.Ed. (teacher training) and specialized computers courses.  

HUGGS Current Students

Currently, HUGGS sponsors thirty-four students registered at various levels of post-secondary education.  Since its inception HUGGS has impacted the lives of more than seventy-four students.

HUGGS Student

HUGGS Canada is a registered Canadian charity, empowering youth through education in South East India. HUGGS focuses on promising young people who have the ability to excel in education, but are without the resources to study beyond Grade 10.

Thanks to our generous donors, we sponsor young people in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), to complete their secondary and post-secondary education. Students are selected based on financial need, academic ability and family encouragement.

Today more than 30 HUGGS graduates are working in their communities in careers including nursing, teaching, engineering, finance and computing.


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