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I am so happy to have arrived in Vizag to see HUGGS' work in action! In my first day of visiting the site, I already in awe of the incredible students and the work that is going on here. Six days a week, the students work hard in school then arrive at the study center at 5pm ready for more learning and practicing with the tutors. The study centre has three rooms, each full of students, from new learners to those who have been with HUGGS for a few years. Some students were practicing complex math equations, calling out the answers as the tutor guided them through the equations. Others were practicing their typing on the computers, typing paragraphs as fast as they could without looking at the keyboard. All around was evidence of a desire for learning. 

HUGGS Tutor with students   HUGGS Director in Vizag  HUGGS Director in Vizag

   HUGGS Director in Vizag   HUGGS Director in Vizag

As one student told me, "My two older sisters didn't get to continue with school. Somehow I, by the grace of God, got this opportunity." I am so impressed at the quality of learning going on in the study centre and glad to see so many eager and bright faces. I am looking forward to spending the next few days visiting students' homes and learning more about the work being done here! HUGGS truly is making a big difference in these students lives!

Rachel Samuel


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The mission of HUGGS Canada is to provide underprivileged students in India with the opportunity to further their education, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their families and communities.