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Marilyn Gullison and Isobel Bodie, visited our students and staff in Visakhapatnam for two weeks in the fall of 2015 as part of a regular monitoring trip. Below, Isobel shares some of the highlights from their visit.

Meeting New Students

As usual, we were welcomed warmly by students and staff alike. Travelling by auto rickshaw, we visited the homes of the ten students who joined the HUGGS family in June 2015.  It was wonderful to meet our newest students and their families and hear about their goals for the future.

HUGGS Study Centre

The Study Centre, which the students like to call. ‘The Institute’, is run by our very capable and much loved Coordinator, Madhu Latha.  Madhu is supported by two tutors, Suresh and Krishnaveni, who are former students of HUGGS.  

At the Centre, I had the opportunity to teach the students with English Language games while Marilyn took small groups of students to a café so they could practice their English together.

We also were pleased to help choose new chairs for the senior students – the pictures tell the story of what a difference these chairs with study arms, are making for the students.

On our last day, we took the students to a park. Most never go to the Parks as their parents would rather they study.  The picnic is an opportunity for the students to spend time with staff and the directors in an informal setting but I think it also helps build their skills.

An Evening with Our Graduates

Our trip ended with an evening dinner for some of the HUGGS graduates.  They told us with much appreciation about their careers as nurses, teachers, engineers and computer programmers. One student has entered the Indian Navy.

It is indeed uplifting and hugely satisfying to see the impact of HUGGS work in India, and to experience the gratefulness and thanks of the students and their families, to all the donors in Canada. 

       Isobel Bodie, Board Director

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