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Appreciation Tea 2019










Dear HUGGS Friend,

As we enjoy the sun, rains, and blossoms of Spring, it’s the usual time for the HUGGS Spring Tea at Isobel but not in 2020!  Many of us remember Spring Teas of years passed: strawberry short cake, samosas, masala chai, and most importantly, HUGGS friends visiting in Isobel’s beautiful garden, with her family and other volunteers graciously serving refreshments. We have been meeting annually for nearly 10 years now to celebrate the accomplishments of HUGGS students and donors!

Though we will not be gathering in Isobel’s garden this year, we would still like to bring you an update on the students. The lockdown in India has been extended to the end of May. Schools and colleges, which normally open in June, are not likely to open until September.  In February, we interviewed some new students who appear promising and greatly in need. We look forward to letting you know when the Study Centre opens and the new students are welcomed into the HUGGS family.

It was our unanimous decision to continue full support for all our staff during the lockdown, and to maintain the monthly nutritional rations and hygiene items for the students.   This is a time of unprecedented need for the families. 

The Spring Tea in May is a time for celebrating and appreciating you, and not for requesting donations.  But this year, COVID-19 presents us with unusual needs and like many charitable organizations, we are facing an unusual financial crunch. 

We appreciate all that you have done in supporting specific students, annual donations and more, and to all of you, we express our gratitude for making possible such significant changes in the lives of the HUGGS’ families. At this time, we are wondering if you would consider becoming a monthly donor? Those of you who make this commitment become the backbone of the organization when we go through challenging times such as these.  Please visit or contact us at 604 988 4898 for more information on giving options.  

As we come to the end of May, and our memories of Isobel’s garden bring smiles, we are happy to celebrate with you our continued partnership in the ongoing work of HUGGS.

Stay safe within the beauty and generosity of Canada!

With thanks and best wishes,

Nargis Abraham,




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