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Summer in Vizag: English classes, Enhanced HSC

It’s the middle of summer in India! The gulmohur trees flower in vibrant red.  Humans and animals both seek shade and cool.  May is the hottest month of the year in Vizag.  Schools and colleges are typically closed mid-April to early June.  In sync with the school summer vacations, the HSC is closed to student tutorials this month.  Students take the opportunity to visit extended family outside Vizag, and catch up with local family and friends. 

    Floral Colours   Shore line in Heat Haze  Vista in bouganvillia   Pots waiting for water   Mangoes for the summer

The Intermediate students attend English classes at Teaching Fish, in order to catch up with fluency in the language of the college classroom, where English is the medium of instruction. “Teaching Fish” is a reputed English language training institute where HUGGS students have attended summer sessions for the past several years.

Meanwhile at the HSC, Madhulata and the new HSC Assistant Malleswari are at work, furnishing the new premises with needed equipment and appliances that will enhance the students’ ability to study independently and in groups.  We look forward to welcoming new and returning students in June.

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