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Helen and Marilyn Visit India Oct 2017

HUGGS Board Directors Marilyn and Helen are back in Vancouver after their trip to the program in India.  Here’s Helen’s sum-up of their visit.

Helen’s Blog October 30, 2017:  VIZAG RETROSPECTIVE

Marilyn and I have arrived home safely from our trip to Visakhapatnam (Vizag) to visit the HUGGS program. A whirlwind of a week, but productive and always so instructive for us.  It was a chance to hear from the staff, the 3 tutors who are graduate HUGGS students, the 10 new students and their families, and be with the whole group of 41 current students as well as alumni.

Of course a major highlight was being there to open the new HUGGS Student Centre (HSC) – what a vital development in the story of HUGGS. This space is brand new, large enough for our expanded student body, in a good location, even air conditioned! Everyone there is excited about it.

There are so many amazing student stories to tell as we meet these young people for the first time, and then participate in their education for the next 6 years:  inspirational, humbling, satisfying! You will be hearing these stories in the months to come.

THANK YOU for being part of our HUGGS community, and making all this possible!

Helen with HUGGS Student    Students at new HSC   Marilyn with Sudent

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HUGGS Canada is a registered Canadian charity, empowering youth through education in South East India. HUGGS focuses on promising young people who have the ability to excel in education, but are without the resources to study beyond Grade 10.

Thanks to our generous donors, we sponsor young people in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), to complete their secondary and post-secondary education. Students are selected based on financial need, academic ability and family encouragement.

Today more than 30 HUGGS graduates are working in their communities in careers including nursing, teaching, engineering, finance and computing.