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Fall 2015
Welcome to HUGGS New Students

HUGGS New Student                   HUGGS New Student

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 Indian Dinner and 

Silent Auction 

Thursday October 15, 2015


Salam Bombay

755 Burrard St #217



Tickets $50, children $15

Children 6 & under free

Cash or cheque in advance


Doors open at 6pm


Underground Parking $6.00


For further details contact




Indian Cooking Class 


Here’s a cooking class for you!

Are you interested in a demonstration of Indian cuisine?


Monday, October 26,

11 – 1:00 pm

St. Andrews United Church Kitchen


Tickets $25


Call 604.988.4898 




We need a minimum of 10 people for the class to run.  If you are interested please let us know by Monday, October 19!  


Coming Soon


New Website

Welcome to our new Students!

This June, 10 adolescent girls jointed the HUGGS family, 2 of whom are shown above.  Many shared challenges and dreams have brought them to this place of opportunity in their lives.

Some of them are the first in their families to receive post-secondary education.

Some of them are from single parent families, where the father has either died or left the family, or the father’s presence is detrimental and abusive, due to alcoholism and unemployment. A few of the girls are fortunate to come from families whose parents are together and are eager to encourage their daughters to study.

None of the parents has had much opportunity for education. Two girls have parents with Class 10 education, but most parents are illiterate. It is hard for them to understand the demands of study on their girls.  In a few years the parents will need to adjust to the reality of their daughters working outside the home.

All these families experience the poverty resulting from lack of education and regular work.  Most fathers are daily labourers. Others have work only during specific seasons.  Mothers, if they are working, tend to be domestic helpers. The girls themselves get up at dawn to go to the communal tap, wait in line to fill the water jugs, and then carry the day’s supply of water up to their homes.

Despite these challenges, these promising young women have two outstanding qualities in common.

  • They have courage to be more: to step outside the family norm and commit themselves to years of demanding studies. Someday they may be professional women, taking their place in the work force.
  • They have dreams to be more:  to help support their families, to be of service to their communities, to perhaps someday be mothers who will encourage their own children in education and service. 

HUGGS Canada joins in Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child 

October 11 – is the International Day of the Girl Child.  The United Nations has earmarked this day so that we can recognize the value of girls to the human race. For 2015, the focus is on adolescent girls – who comprise most of HUGGS Canada students!

Your generosity has provided significant support to HUGGS Canada girls – thanks for partnering with us!

HUGGS Canada’s top priorities exactly match the first two critical investments in adolescent girls identified by the UN: high quality education and health and nutrition.  HUGGS Canada takes pride in sponsoring adolescent girls as they prepare themselves to go out into the world and contribute to society and to their families.

Since HUGGS Canada began, we have supported 58 adolescent girls through their high school and post-secondary education.  Almost eighty percent of HUGGS Canada students are female. HUGGS Canada has enabled 32 students to complete graduation! These graduates are now working in their communities in a variety of fields:

  • 2 Vocational Graduates 

  • 9 High School Graduates 

  • 8 Polytechnic Graduates who have won scholarships for further study 

  • 6 Computer programmers, B. Sc. 

  • 3 Teachers, B. Ed. 

  • 2 Nurses, RN and B. Sc.

As HUGGS Canada continues to provide holistic support for the education of young women in India, we take this opportunity to thank you for making it possible – and would like to join hands with you, the UN community and the world as we mark the International Day of the Girl Child.


2015 International Day of the Girl Child:http://www.un.org/en/events/girlchild

To make a donation visit 

www.huggscanada.com or contact us at

604-988-4898 or info@huggscanada.com

*Annual Sponsorships Available

Full $1500

Shared $500

Please visit our website at www.huggscanada.com.

Donate to our cause at www.huggscanada/donate.

Charitable registration number:87497 9305 RR0001

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HUGGS Canada is a registered Canadian charity, empowering youth through education in South East India. HUGGS focuses on promising young people who have the ability to excel in education, but are without the resources to study beyond Grade 10.

Thanks to our generous donors, we sponsor young people in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), to complete their secondary and post-secondary education. Students are selected based on financial need, academic ability and family encouragement.

Today more than 30 HUGGS graduates are working in their communities in careers including nursing, teaching, engineering, finance and computing.


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