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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Empowering Youth Through Education

Thank you Anonymous Donors!

A Chinese proverb says, "A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives the flowers."  What a beautiful floral perfume is created by HUGGS donors! One of our great joys is to write each one of you, and thank you individually for your trust and support. However, there are a few of you who choose to remain anonymous.  Please consider this as a personal letter of gratitude for your generous gifts to the students of HUGGS!

Board Member Rachel Samuel  to visit HUGGS-Vizag

As the newest member of the HUGGS Board, I am incredibly excited to be traveling to India in early November to see HUGGS' work in action! I am certain that the highlight of my trip  will be seeing the impact that HUGGS has on students, families, and communities.

I have been involved with HUGGS for many years and I strongly believe in the power of education. Through HUGGS, we are supporting students to achieve their goals and change their lives, their communities and the world. I am looking forward to the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of the students, the community, and the impact of HUGGS.

During my time in India, I will be visiting students and their families, meeting the program managers, observing the work at the HUGGS study center, and celebrating with students and graduates. I know that I will learn a lot from these encounters, and hope the students and families will also gain some knowledge from me! 

I am looking forward to learning from the students about the struggles and challenges that they face, and how we can continue to improve the program and provide support to change more lives. I can't wait to bring back stories of these incredible students and how their lives are being changed by HUGGS through our generous supporters!

Rachel Samuel

Are you interested in helping with a Spring Fundraising Event?

Contact info@huggscanada.org.


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Rations for All:

"A healthy body for a healthy mind."  HUGGS aims to give its students holistic support in their educational journey.  That's why we provide students with not just college fees and textbooks, but also uniforms and daily living items like toiletries ("hygiene items") and basic groceries ("rations"). 

From June this year, all HUGGS' students are given rations every month.  While all students have received hygiene items through the years, with the steady growth in student numbers for the last few years, only students identified as having an extreme financial need were given rations.  However, it has been strongly felt by the Board that all students need to receive monthly rations, because all students accepted into the HUGGS program are identified to be in financial need.  Some logistics needed to be worked out to ensure that each student received the standard package of rations, and the supplier stores were happy to deliver to the HSC premises.  June 2019 was the first month when rations were distributed to all students. Parents came happily to the HSC to collect the packages, and profusely expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation. As Madhulatha (Coordinator) reported, "This is a major special milestone for HUGGS."  Now, all students are receiving rations every month.

The monthly rations include rice, cooking oil, lentils, wheat flour and tamarind.  Hygiene items include bath soap, toothpaste, hair oil, shampoo, detergent and sanitary packs for the girls.

Ration DistributionRation Distribution 

Malleswari and Madhulatha distrubuting rations at HSC

Glimpse of Two Colleges

HUGGS' students study at colleges that have good reputation.  New students can choose the college they would like to study in, key criteria being that the college is English medium and government-aided.  Over the years, HUGGS students have gone to St. Joseph's, Bullayya, BVK, Gayathri, the government polytechnic, and Seven Hills Nursing, and a few others.  This year, the two most popular are Bullayya and St. Joseph's.


Located on a 10-acre campus in the heart of Vizag, Bullayya College (undergraduate and graduate degree) and Junior College (Intermediate - Grades 11 & 12) provide students with spacious classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories, a large library, and sprawling playing fields.  Established in 1973, Bullayya is affiliated to Andhra University, and has an excellent reputation. For more information, go to https://bullayyacollege.org/#Home


Established in 1958 as the first college for women in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, St. Joseph's College for Women is an autonomous post-secondary institution.  It is run by the sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, a Roman Catholic convent that has provided education for girls in the area since 1893. With a dedicated faculty and an established reputation, HUGGS students have benefitted from the all-round learning provided here.  For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/stjosephscollegevizag/Bullayya College St. Joseph's College 

        Bullayya College                                            St. Joseph's College


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Charitable registration number:87497 9305 RR0001

HUGGS Student

HUGGS Canada is a registered Canadian charity, empowering youth through education in South East India. HUGGS focuses on promising young people who have the ability to excel in education, but are without the resources to study beyond Grade 10.

Thanks to our generous donors, we sponsor young people in Visakhapatnam (Vizag), to complete their secondary and post-secondary education. Students are selected based on financial need, academic ability and family encouragement.

Today more than 30 HUGGS graduates are working in their communities in careers including nursing, teaching, engineering, finance and computing.


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