Spring 2017 Newsletter

SPRING 2017 

"We have a responsibility to improve our world …When a country gives all its children secondary education, they cut their risk of war in half …When women are educated, there are more jobs for everyone …Let future generations say we were the ones who stood up.Let them say we were the first to live in a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear.”

(Malala Yousefzai, speech to Canadian Parliament, April 12, 2017)

Welcome Malala, our new fellow-Canadian.  

HUGGS echoes this brave woman's words,

and we are proud to contribute our efforts towards

Empowering Youth Through Education 


Two Special Volunteers leave the Board

Marie Claire

Concannon's keen interest in International Development was first peaked when she and her husband volunteered with an NGO in Nepal. Her career path continued to be in development, through fundraising.


HUGGS has been the grateful recipient of her experiences in both areas of her expertise during the 8 years that she has been a volunteer Director on the board.  Since 2009, Marie Claire has chaired the board, and guided the growth of HUGGS.  Over these years we have experienced growth in the donor base here at home and in the number of students HUGGS is supporting in India. 


Thank you, Marie Claire for what you have given to HUGGS and we are delighted that you are continuing as an active volunteer.




Isobel Bodie first brought her flare to HUGGS Canada at the Laila Biali Concert in 2005.   Soon she was an active volunteer Board Member coordinating many successful fundraising events for HUGGS.  She has frequently hosted HUGGS donors in the beauty of her home and garden.


Isobel’s background in ESL and her love of India combined to make her an integral part of the programme committee and a frequent participant in monitoring the work on the field, where she is delighted in the students, and in encouraging their use of English.


Though Isobel will no longer be on the Board, she will continue to bring a significant contribution to the life of HUGGS.  Thank you, Isobel.


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Dhanalaxmi B.Sc. Nursing, 2017


Dhanalaxmi’s Thank you letter:


To My dear HUGGS family:


I am T. Dhanalaxmi, I have finished my B.Sc. (Nursing).  I got my course completion certificate on 13-02-2017.  I have passed with 74% in first division.


What I am today is because of HUGGS.  Everyone says that “God will use someone to bless you.” It’s absolutely true in my life.  God used HUGGS in my life to bless me like a shining star.  I am very thankful to you whatever you have done for me.   You expect only one thing from me that is my success in life.  I got success first time in my life in 2010.  I have become a member of this family.  For me that is the first success.  My parents gave me birth but you gave me the education which can lead my entire life without depending on others.   HUGGS is the reason for my happiness. 


After Intermediate I got seat in College of Life Sciences, in B.Sc.(N).   In the 1st year, I had a lot of fear and tension. I struggled a lot to mingle and understand.  I worked very hard to study as well as to attend clinicals.  I got 1st division in all years.


My life will be full opposite from today, if HUGGS has not entered into my life … and gave me education … HUGGS also supported my family by giving ration and hygiene as it is a(n) economical support to my family.


Thanks is a small word to say but I am very very thankful to you.  I am always receiving your adorable love and trust towards me.  I will not forget HUGGS in my life.  Now I can support my family economically by doing a job.  But whatever support I give that is only because of HUGGS.


I am very thankful to each and every one in HUGGS.


Yours lovingly,


Member of HUGGS family.


Dhanalaxmi's education has been sponsored by the Secret Garden Tea Company.


Visit to India, February, 2017

Report from HUGGS Director,  

Dr. Nargis Abraham  


New Premises For the HSC


An unlit, uneven flight of stairs up two floors leads to where the HSC resides these days – a temporary location in a Gnananiketan school building - while a new structure rises in place of the old premises.  Since August 2016, the students have settled into the three small rooms, and it is studies as usual with impending exams as the immediate incentive.


Our students are happy to have this location, and happy that it is not far from the old premises. They study diligently, heads bent over the books on their laps, and on occasion consult each other in whispers. Madhulata and Krishnaveni stand by, offering help as needed. 



At the construction site, the new building is steadily nearing completion.  The three floors are in place, and the plastering and inside finishing is in progress.  The HSC will be on the top floor.


The space is a regular “3BHK” apartment, about 1400 sq. ft. with good possibilities for the study centre: bedrooms as classrooms, an office, and living-dining hall for larger group activities. Being on the topmost floor is safer, and provides access to the rooftop terrace – space for celebrations, meetings, even gardens. 


Estimated completion is set for June this year. HUGGS looks forward to the new premises of the HSC! 


Thank you from the Students 

2016 Students Group

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The mission of HUGGS Canada is to provide underprivileged students in India with the opportunity to further their education, enabling them to contribute more effectively to their families and communities.


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