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Eligible HUGGS students and staff joined voters in Vizag in the first stage of India’s parliamentary elections on April 11.  Nine hundred million Indian citizens are voting for their national leaders.  Because of the large number of voters, the voting takes place in seven phases, from April 11 to May 19.  Results will be declared on May 23.  Based on the age requirement, 18 years or older, some HUGGS students and all staff are eligible to vote.

Across 543 constituencies, Indian citizens are voting in their representatives (MPs, i.e., Members of Parliament) to the Lok Sabha, or House of Commons...

Street Rangoli

Ugadi Subhaakankshalu!

The festival of Ugadi heralds the start of a new year in the Telugu calendar. This year, Ugadi falls on Saturday, April 6. Ugadi is an important celebration in Andhra Pradesh, where HUGGS’ program is located.  The word Ugadi is a combination of ‘yuga’ = age, and ‘adi’ = beginning, signifying a new start.  The day begins with a cleansing shower and prayers.  Colourful floor decorations - muggulu - are created to adorn entrances. A sumptuous meal is prepared and extended family and friends invited over.  A key dish prepared for Ugadi is a special ‘pachadi’, a chutney whose...

Madhu with Students

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