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Valentine's Day 2019 Art

HUGGS joins the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14.  The theme of Valentine’s Day resonates with HUGGS, where genuine affection between students and staff is demonstrated through routine camaraderie and concern for each other. HUGGS students’ artistic talents often reflect such beautiful thoughts.  Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in cities all over the world, including in India.  “Love” is a universal and secular theme that crosses barriers and could therefore serve as a unifying principle for all.  The following links provide interesting information about Valentine’s...

Nargis Abraham, HUGGS Director, reports on her recent visit to Vizag:

In November 2018, I visited the HUGGS program in Vizag, India.  It was wonderful to see the new HSC premises in full use, with the students having ample space to study in small groups and get together in larger groups to share their academic experiences.  Interacting with the students is always a delight – familiar faces from my previous visits, new faces full of hope.  We did a few English language activities, the students ready to practice their English-speaking skills.  During the day, I visited the new students’ homes with...

Madhu with Students

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