Sponsoring A Student

To sponsor one of our students and to accompany your student on their educational journey through college, you can choose to sponsor one particular student for all six years, or for any one of the educational options listed below.

Over six years, most HUGGS students go through three periods of study – two years of Junior College, three years in a Bachelor’s Degree program, and one year of professional training.   Some HUGGS students chose to study for three years in a polytechnic institute.  

The sponsorship amount varies for each period, as follows:

Junior College (two years = Grades 11 and 12): $1500 for each year

Polytechnic Diploma (three years):  $1500 for each year

Bachelor’s Degree program (three years): $2000 for each year

Professional training (one year): $2000 for the year

Sponsorship may be full or shared with others. Shared sponsorship is $500 annually.

As a sponsor, you will receive an annual letter from your sponsored student, along with family pictures and a progress report related to their education. 

If you would like to sponsor a student, please contact us at info@huggscanada.org or call at 604-988-4898

Madhu with Students

You can help more students realize their dreams! Every dollar makes a difference. Thank you to our amazing donors - your generous support positively changes young lives!

HUGGS Charitable Registration Number: 87497 9305 RR0001


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