The HUGGS team in India is comprised of an administrator, a coordinator, an HSC Assistant and tutors.  Also on the team is an on-call doctor.

Administrator - India

Administrator  - David Benjamin of SNEHA (Society for Nurture, Education and Health Activities), a registered Indian NGO,  A mechanical engineer by training, David brings to HUGGS many years of experience in NGO administration.  He also manages the Bridge of Hope in Gotlam, Andhra Pradesh.


Madhu Latha

Coordinator -  Madhulatha has a Masters in Social Work.  She enjoys her responsibilities and goes beyond the call of duty in her dedication to HUGGS, taking a personal interest in the students and initiating innovative programs. 


HSC Assistant

HSC Assistant - Malleswari.  She helps the Coordinator with various tasks related to students and the study centre.  She is a HUGGS graduate with a B.Sc. degree.


HUGGS Tutor   HUGGS Tutor   HUGGS Tutor

Subject Tutors - Ananth, Leelarani and Vanaja are all HUGGS graduates with B.Sc. Degrees.  They tutor and assist the students with various subjects.



Syam Prasad teaches computers part-time at the HSC.  He has an M.Tech. degree in Computer Systems, and works full-time with DataPro.


HUGGS Doctor  - Dr. Syamala works at the King George Hospital in Vizag and also mentors medical students.  She brings to HUGGS a genuine caring spirit for each student. 

Madhu with Students

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